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Is telehealth as effective as traditional counseling?

Hello and welcome to Fox Family Therapy! My name is Spencer Fox, and I'm so glad you're looking into therapy or counseling to better your, or your family's, life! With the growth of telehealth since the COVID-19 pandemic, many have begun to pursue counseling and therapy in a virtual platform for the first time. Therapy has long been a place to identify goals, grow, and heal from current mental health struggles and past trauma and emotional wounds. However, for many, finding time to come in to a therapy session meant taking time in to drive to an office, have the session, and drive back, often adding up to multiple hours of your day. This was often quite unfeaseable for workers bound to a 9-5 M-F job, making it rather difficult to find a therapist with evening and weekend availability. However, now telehealth makes it so much easier to jump in and start counseling right away!

Some often, fairly so, wonder if telehealth is "as effective" as traditional therapy. While this is a releatively new common phenomenon, early research seems to indicate... yes!(Comparing efficacy of telehealth to in-person mental health care in intensive-treatment-seeking adults - PMC ( In my personal experience, I find it to be 95% as effective, as long as we both ensure a distraction free environment, and 100% more accessible! When receiving counseling via telehealth, you choose where you place yourself. Maybe you feel most comfortable at home on your couch, or in your car where you can get some peace and quiet away from family or coworkers. Maybe having your dog in your lap helps you to feel safe and secure. Wherever you choose it, your chair becomes your "therapy couch"and you can log in and get quickly back to your own life.

I find that telehealth allows us the ability to look at helpful documents, websites, and videos together much more easily as well. The access to technology allows me to enhance our counseling with more pertinent and up to date information. Resources are at our fingertips, so allowing them to be saved in the moment on your own device helps you to more likely utilize them in the time between our sesssions.

Overall, telehealth has become a staple of the mental health field, so I am now offering an exclusively telehealth services to better reach the people of Washington State. I look forward to hearing from you and I cannot wait to get started with you in your own mental health journey!

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